• Fees

    Equity Fees

    Type of charge Buying % Selling %
    Brokerage Fees 0.9200 0.9200
    Stamp Duty 0.2500
    Securities and Exchange Commission Levy 0.1600 0.1600
    Investor Protection Levy 0.025 0.025
    Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Levy 0.1000 0.1000
    Central Securities Depository Levy 0.1000 0.1000
    Vat @ 15% on Brokerage 0.1380 0.1380
    Capital Gains Withholding Tax 1.0000
    Total Transaction Costs 1.693 2.443
    Total Costs for Buying and Selling 4.136


    Debt Securities Levies

    Type of charge Buying % Selling %
    Securities and Exchange Commission 0.01000 0.01000
    Securities Exchanges 0.01200 0.01200
    Central Securities Depository 0.01000 0.01000
    Securities Dealers 0.06500 0.06500
    VAT on brokerage 0.00975 0.00975
    Investor Protection Fund 0.00300 0.00300
    Total Transaction Costs 0.10975 0.10975
    Total Costs for Buying and Selling 0.21950

    Debt Securities Levies 2017

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