Jul  30 2021 |ZSE AGM Results
Jul  28 2021 |Public Notice - Cancellation of Licence for First Securities Private Limited
Jul 19 2021 |CEO's Statement- Making it easier for you to invest through ZSE Direct
Jul 07 2021 |Press Release- Licencing of the ZSE Central Securities Depository
Jul 01 2021 |ZSE-Public-Notice-Index-Constituents Q3 2021
June 28 2021 |RFQ - ZITF Material 2021
June 23 2021 |ZSE Proxy Form 
June 23 2021 |ZSE Notice of AGM
June 17 2021 |Seed Co Resumption of Trading 
June 17 2021 |Press Release- Onboarding of Edgars
June 16 2021 |SCI & SCL Abandonment Accouncement
May 27 2021 |RFQ- Design and Printing of Annual Report 
May 20 2021 |Condolence Message - Mr Mark Tunmer May 2021
Apr 23 2021 |RFP Risk Management Advisor
Apr 13 2021 |58th Bi-Annual Meeting of the SADC Stock Exchanges
Apr 07 2021|RFQ- Promotional Material for Stakeholders 
Apr 01 2021|ZSE Public Notice Index Constituents Q2 2021
Apr 01 2021|CEO's Easter Holiday Message
Mar 19 2021|Extension of Compliance 2021
Mar 12 2021|Public Notice-Update on ZSE Remote Working Conditions
Mar 09 2021|Withdrawal charges on ZSE Direct- March 2021
Feb 26 2021|Invitation to advertise in the ZSE 2020 Handbooks 
Feb 19 2021|2021 Zimbabwe Public Holidays 
Feb 17 2021|Condolence Message- Mr Arnold Dhlamini 
Feb 10 2021|RFQ- ZSE Handbook
Feb 09 2021|Press Release- Old Mutual ZSE Top Ten ETF
Jan 04 2021|ZSE-Public-Notice-Index-Constituents Q1 2021
Dec 17 2020|ZSE Supplier Registration for 2021
Dec 16 2020|ZSE Listing and Documentation Fees 2021
Dec 15 2020|ZSE Public Holiday Notice
Nov 26 2020|Changes in KYC requirements on ZSE Direct
Nov 25 2020| Notice of Electronic Share Migration
Nov 24 2020|VFEX Vacancies
Oct 21 2020|Press Release- Termination of trading of SeedCo International 
Oct 21 2020|Press Release- Listing of SeedCo International on VFEX
Oct 16 2020|Press Release- List of market participants on the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange
Oct 16 2020|Press Release- Official opening and launch of the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange
Oct 08 2020|VFEX Press Release - MOU with RBZ on Trade Settlement for VFEX 
Oct 01 2020|ZSE Public Notice Index Constituents
Sept 29 2020|RFQ- Logo Design
Sept 23 2020|Press Release- Launch of ZSE Online Trading Platform-ZSE Direct September 2020
Sept 01 2020|Press Release- Victoria Falls Stock Exchange licensed as a Securities Exchange
Aug 31 2020|Press Release- Error in the publication of a draft Circular of FML
Aug 28 2020|ZSE Market and Corporate Action Fees September 2020
Aug 19 2020|Press Release- Update on the Invitation for Expression of Interest to participate on VFEX 
Aug 19 2020|Press Release- Launch of ZRM 
Aug 17 2020|Press Release- ZSE Commissions Solar Plant
Aug 14 2020|Press Release- Invitation for Expression of Interest to participate on VFEX
Aug 07 2020|Public Holiday Notic 
Aug 04 2020|Press Release- Publication of Exchange Control Regulations for VFEX 
Jul 31 2020| Notice of halt in trading of OMU shares on ZSE 
Jul 31 2020| Notice of halt in trading of SCIL shares on ZSE 
Jul 31 2020| Notice of halt in trading of PPC shares on ZSE 
Jul 29 2020|ZSE Resumption of Trading
Jul 23 2020|ZSE AGM 2020 Results
June 30 2020|ZSE Limited AFS 31 December 2019
June 29 2020|ZSE Notice of Annual General Meeting
June 28 2020|ZSE Notice To Stakeholders
June 24 2020|Postponement of AGM
May 27 2020|Statement by the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
May 26 2020|Condolence Message- Mr Daniel Muchemwa
May 22 2020|Public Notice - Africa Day
May 04 2020|Press Release- Donation of ZSE Trading Levies to Ministry of Health and Child Care
May 04 2020|RFQ - Design and Printing of Company IDs
Apr 30 2020|Public-Notice Worker's day notice
Apr 24 2020| Donation of ZSE Trading Levies to aid the fight against Covid-19
Apr 21 2020| Public Notice-Trading under Cautionary 21 April 2020
Apr 17 2020| Public Notice- Registration of OMSEC as a market maker
Apr 15 2020| RFQ - Design and Print of Annual Report Q2 2020
Apr 09 2020| Easter Holiday Notice
Apr 01 2020| Public Notice- Deferment of publication for Stockbrokers
Apr 01 2020| Public Notice- ZSE Response to the Lockdown
Mar 29, 2020 |Trading During Lock Down Period from 29 March to 19 April 2020
Mar 26,2020 |Public Notice- Shortening of Trading Hours
Mar 24, 2020 |Deferment of Publication of Issuers' 31 December 2019 Financial Statements & Statutory Shareholders Meetings
Mar 24,2020 |ZSE's Response to Covid 19 Virus
Mar 18,2020 |ZSE Further Cautionary Announcement
Mar 11,2020 |Joint Venture Agreement between ZSE and Harare Receivables Exchange
Mar 09,2020 |Postponement of CoSSE meeting and Stockbroker's Networking Session
Mar 05,2020 |Training on the Impact of the Companies Act on ZSE Listing Rules
Feb 28,2020 | Voluntary Suspension from Trading
Feb 26, 2020 |Declaration of Classes of Securities
Feb 26,2020 |Press Release- Launch of ZSE Training Institute
Feb 25,2020 | Quartely Trading Update
Feb 25, 2020| Public Notice - 2020 Sponsoring Brokers
Feb 14,2020 |Public Notice: Lifting of Suspension in Hippo Valley Estates  
Feb 14, 2020| Public Notice: Halt in Trading of Falcon Gold Zimbabwe Shares
Feb 04, 2020|ZSE Training Calendar 2020
Jan  27 2020 |RFQ- Branding Material Q1 2020
Jan  22 2020 |Invitation to advertise in the ZSE Handbook
Jan  15 2020 |Press Release- ZSE to host 57th CoSSE meeting
Jan  15 2020 |ZSE Public Notice - 2020 Annual Compliance
Jan  09 2020 |Press Release- Approval of Exchange Traded Products (ETP) and Market making Rules
Jan  08 2020 |ZSE Public Notice - Index Constituents